Sailing Trip in the Med, 5/04

Cannes, France to Solarno, Italy

In May, I had the opportunity to help move a sailboat for a friend, David Duffy. Our trip started in Cannes, in the south of France and the goal was to get the boat as far south on the Italian coast as possible before David's wife Gillian arrived.

The boat was a 40ft Oyster, a British ketch designed for cruising in the North Sea. This was an amazing boat, with a midnight blue hull, teak decks, and just about every piece of equipment imaginable. Perfectly rigged. David's friend Peter was already on board when I arrived, and Dave and Mimi were with us for the first week.

Click on the links below for pictures of each stop along the way, or start here and press the NEXT at the bottom of each page.

  • Cannes, France
  • Cannes to Monte Carlo
  • Menton, France
  • Menton to Elba
  • Elba to Porto Ercole
  • Porta Touristica Di Roma
  • First day in Rome
  • Rome to San Felice
  • Isola Di Ischia
  • Day sightseeing in Naples
  • Lunch in Capri
  • Porto Amalfi
  • Solarno to Rome
  • Rome, part 2

  • Images © Jim Blakey, 2004