James D. Blakey
65 Water Island
St. Thomas, USVI 00802

Career Summary:

Over 19 years of widely varied systems level experience in the computer industry. Highly motivated, hands-on, deadline/results oriented professional with overall product development and support knowledge. Excellent trouble-shooting skills. Experienced international consultant.


  • Operating Systems: Internals/driver/design level experience with various Unix variants, Linux, Windows NT, and proprietary/legacy systems such as Concurrent OS/32.

  • Networking: Internal/design level familiarity with IPV4/TCP/UDP stack, Frame Relay, ATM, PNNI, OSPF, HTTP, SNMP, ARP, X.25, PPP/SLIP, and many more.

  • Database: SQL programming with Informix, Sybase, Postgres, and internals/design level with Concurrent's proprietary distributed relational database (Reliance).

  • Programming Languages: C/C++, various Assembly Languages, Fortran, Pascal, and more.

  • Hardware: x86, 680x0, PowerPC, R4400, Concurrent 3200, various bus protocols, such as SCSI, PCI, USB, etc.

  • Training: Skilled at developing and presenting custom training classes.

  • Other: SGML, XML, SOAP, X11/Motif, Security Clearance.

  • Professional Experience:

    Concurrent Computer Corporation: 1987 - 1996 Sr. Professional Services Engineer.

    Major Projects:

  • Hutchinson Paging, Hong Kong Metro, Cable and Wireless, others - Hong Kong Provided 3 months consulting for Concurrent customers in Hong Kong. This included developing and teaching a custom course on operating systems internals and drivers, solving long-standing customer problems, and advising and assisting on the rewrite of a large real-time paging application.

  • Posco Steel - S. Korea Provided 3 months on site assistance in design and development of a real-time raw materials processing control application. This support included solving both hardware and OS problems, as well as developing and teaching a custom training course in real-time programming techniques.

  • Loral (Quintron)/US Air Force - Herndon, VA. Provided 1 year on site support for the B-52 Weapons/Flight systems training simulator upgrade. Wrote several custom drivers, debugged simulation modules, developed and taught courses on real-time programming techniques, driver writing and OS internals. Played pivotal role in securing a $5 million sale of further hardware.

  • Digikey Corporation - Thief River Falls, MN. Debugged OS design problems in Concurrent's asymmetrical multi-processor system. This included implementation of an OS journaling subsystem that was included as a new feature of Concurrent's OS/32 real-time operating system.

  • Bloomberg LLP - New York, NY. Acted as Concurrent's on site technical lead for all software problems for this major customer. On site work resulted in an over $10 million sale of new hardware and support contracts.

  • Aeronautical Radio, INC (AIRINC) - Annapolis, MD. Acted as Concurrent's technical lead for a full system upgrade. In this role, I acted as the focal point for all technical issues relating to Concurrent hardware, microcode, operating system and utility software, as well as providing assistance on several redesign issues. Work on this resulted in a $4 million dollar sale of hardware to this customer.

  • CMS (Centre d'Meterologie Spacial) France. Provided on site technical support for a real-time satellite data gathering application.

  • Loral Corporation - Yonkers, NY. Debugged system, TCP/IP network layer, and Streams problems in Maxion/OS (SVR4 variant) for a battlefield management application.

  • Dot4 Inc: 1996 - present Sr. Consultant.

    Major Projects:

  • Garban Inter-Capital - New York City, NY. Designed and implemented a large bond brokerage application. This application combined Sybase SQL database programming, network programming and X11/Motif with a custom SGML front end and automatic generation of HTML reports, and allowed for real-time collection of trade data from multiple sources.

  • TRW - Sunnyvale CA. Provided 1 year on site support in the integration and debugging of a port of the US Army Guardrail COMINT software application. This was a port of approximately 300,000 lines of assembly language and 400,000 lines of Fortran to Unix and C.

  • Philips (Medical Imaging Division) Eindhoven, NL. Worked on the design and integration of a Windows NT device driver for a custom medical imaging graphics card. This device combined up to 16 medical graphic displays of differing sizes and color depths into one virtual desktop.

  • ECCS - Tinton Falls, NJ. Wrote network driver application to allow multiple configuration GUIs to interface with multiple RAID storage devices.

  • Lucent - Westford, MA. Principal design architect for a network simulator that simulated realistic traffic flow for entire networks of Frame Relay and ATM switches. This project combined knowledge of Frame Relay and ATM protocols as well as in depth knowledge of IP/TCP/UDP internals, ARP, OSPF and PNNI routing protocols, SNMP, LMI/ILMI, and many other Internet standard protocols.

  • L3 Communications/Ilex - Tinton Falls, NJ. Principal design architect for a network interface application to the US Army Guardrail COMINT application. Utilized XML and other web based protocols to integrate with existing legacy application and serve real-time COMINT data to client applications.

  • Personal:
  • Pilot

  • SCUBA divemaster, PADI instructor, Partner/Owner Blue Island Divers St. Thomas, US VI.

  • Sailing and Boating experience.

  • CPR instructor, Emergency First Responder (EFR) instructor, EMT (expired).

  • Martial Arts (Hap Ki Do, Tae Kwon Do, Judo).