Bermuda to Milford CT. sail on S.V. Dark Lady

This July, I had the fortune to sail with (The Firm But Fair) Captain Dennis Gibbons on his boat "Dark Lady" from Hamilton, Bermuda to Milford, CT, a 650 mile sail through the Atlantic. Capt'n Dennis and crew had just sailed down as part of the Marion To Bermuda Race (and taken second place overall, as well as second place in the "short handed" division), and needed an extra hand to bring the boat back. On the return trip, it was just me, Steve Perry and Dennis.

I arrived on Saturday night, just in time for the awards cocktail party, and we set off first thing Sunday morning. Six days later, after some wind, some calm, some brief storms, some sailing and some motoring, we arrived in Montouk, Long Island (for fuel), then finally in Milford, CT.

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Continental Flight 1925 to Bermuda. One Way.

Arrived in Bermuda

The sponsering yacht club.

The "Royal Hamilton Amature Dingy Club"

The now famous Capt'n Dennis and Dark Lady.

All the boats "dressed" up in flags

More of the yacht club

The main drag in downtown Hamilton

More of Hamilton

Hamilton cathedral

I never understood the Bermuda Shorts fashion statement

Steve, Dennis, some lady, Delphine and Bertrand

The awards ceremony.

The proud captain and 2nd place overall trophy

Well, at least there were free drinks!

The race committee and the various local celebs

Bertrand, Steve and Dennis showing off awards

The evening bagpipes. A yacht club tradition

Dark Lady in the slip

The Firm But Fair Capt'n Dennis looking serious

Leaving Hamilton on Sunday morning

Channel marker

Steve and Dennis navigating out of the harbor

More of bermuda (some old fort)

More of Bermuda

Our last sight of land for the next 6 days

Misc sunset sailing pictures

Misc sunset sailing pictures

Misc sunset sailing pictures

Misc sunset sailing pictures

Misc sunset sailing pictures

Misc sunset sailing pictures

Day 3. A swim in the Atlantic

The only bath we had all week

In the middle of the Atlantic. No wind at all


Capt'n Dennis trying to figure out where we are

Finally, wind, and big sky!

Steve and Dennis

More misc sunset crap

Steve working hard on watch

Dennis on the single sideband with Herb


Me on watch

A small approaching storm

Dennis looking like he is enjoying himself

Y.A.S.P (Yet Another Sunset Picture)

The highlight of each day was the dinner (and Guinness)

Saturday... land ho! Montauk in a fog bank

Pulling into Montauk for fuel

Dark Lady finally touches land

Dennis working hard

Long Island Sound on a foggy/hazy day

The strange currents around Plum Island

A happy Steve driving the boat

I don't know exactly what to say about this one

Pulling into Milford. Home at last

El Captain

Dark Lady at home

Click here for a MPEG movie of some dolphins